Introducing Ashburton Global 1200 Equity ETF

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Introducing the new Ashburton Global 1200 Equity ETF – The first listed ETF to track the S&P Global 1200 Index worldwide

Ashburton Investments will be extending their range of ETFs listed on the JSE with the Ashburton Global 1200 Equity ETF which encapsulates roughly 70% of the world market cap, stretching across 7 regions and 30 countries.

Investors will be afforded efficient diversification, not only from a geographical perspective but also in terms of currency exposure. The S&P Global 1200 Index is constructed as a composite of seven headline indices, many of which are accepted leaders in their regions. These include the S&P500 (US), S&P Europe 350, S&P TOPIX 150 (Japan), S&P/TSX 60 (Canada), S&P/ASX All Australian 50, S&P Asia 50 and S&P Latin America 40.

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