Welcome to the SADC Stockbrokers’ network portal.

On the 7th of November 2016, the JSE will host the first SADC Brokers’Network Session. The session aims to facilitate and provide a platform for brokers to meet each other and share information about their respective markets, with the hope of encouraging cross-border trade.

The event holds an opportunity for member firms to establish counterparty trading agreements and to negotiate commission structures and will also answer questions regarding the trading and settlement processes of the various regions’ securities, as well as how orders will be routed across the continent. This is the essence of the CoSSE Inter-connectivity Plan.

This portal will provide the much needed flow of information related to each SADC market’s trading opportunities such as Initial Public Offers (IPOs).

We welcome representatives from the brokerage community and look forward to the possibilities that await. 


Link to Event Programme - Agenda

Link to Cosse sample SLA

Link to CoSSE SLA draft

Link to Vodacom Tanzania PLC IPO

Link to Vodacom Tanzania PLC Prospectus


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